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14 people died in a fire at a Dhanbad apartment, 10 of whom were women.

Ten women and three children were among the 14 people who died in a fire in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, on Tuesday evening. The fire started on the third floor of a building with several floors. It is known that 14 people with burns were taken to the hospital.

Officials say the fire started around 6 p.m. at the Ashirwad Tower apartment complex, which is under the Bank More police station’s jurisdiction. It took nearly 40 fire trucks and nearly four hours to put out the fire, which started in the Ashirwad Tower apartment complex.

In a press release, the Dhanbad district government said that the fire started on the third floor. “Fourteen people have died. All of the hurt people have been found and taken to hospitals.”

Sandeep Singh, the deputy commissioner of Dhanbad, said, “So far, we know of 14 deaths. Ten of them were women, three were children, and one was a man.” We have finished the rescue and combed the area. The area of the building where the fire was has been cleaned up. Those who were hurt are no longer in danger.”

Dhanbad Fire Officer Laxman Prasad said, “Based on what I learned from talking to the security guard at the apartment complex, the fire was started by an oil lamp.” But we are still looking into his claim to see if it is true.”

Prasad said that while some people died from being burned, many others died from suffocation.

Five people died in a fire at a nursing home in the district four days ago. Among them were a doctor couple.

“Deeply saddened by the loss of life in Dhanbad due to a fire,” tweeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Those who lost loved ones are in my thoughts. May those who are hurt get better soon.” He said that the next of kin of each person who died would get Rs 2 lakh, and each person who was hurt would get Rs 50,000.

In a tweet, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said, “It breaks my heart that so many people died in the fire in Dhanbad. The district administration is working like it’s a war zone, and the injured are getting care. I’m keeping an eye on it myself.”



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