3D-printed permanent defences are erected by the Indian Army in Eastern Ladakh

In eastern Ladakh, the Indian Army has constructed permanent defensive structures that can withstand tank fire despite the ongoing standoff with China.

As stated by India’s Engineer in Chief, Lt Gen Harpal Singh, the permanent defences are capable of withstanding blasts, can be erected within 36-48 hours, and can be relocated from one location to another. In a statement by the news agency ANI, he stated, “3D-printed permanent defences have been constructed by the Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers in the desert sector for the first time.” The defences have been tested against a wide range of weapons, including small arms and the main gun of the T90 tank.”

According to a press release, the Indian Army has constructed a 3D-printed shelter for officers and junior commissioned officers in the desert sector. Four such shelters are being built in the Eastern Theatre at Zuluk. It is anticipated that each cover will be able to accommodate 64 personnel and that construction will take only 25 days.

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