7 kg of cocaine seized, 5 held by NCB

In operations conducted in New Delhi and Mumbai, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) seized seven kilograms of cocaine worth approximately Rs 30 crore and arrested five individuals, four of whom were African nationals.

The Deputy Director General (northern region) Gyaneshwar Singh stated that two women – an Indian and an Ethiopian – had been apprehended. During a joint operation between the NCB’s Mumbai and Delhi units, 4.9 kilograms of cocaine were recovered from a woman in Tilak Nagar of West Delhi on October 13. In the woman’s possession, he discovered contraband concealed in a trolley bag.

On October 14, two Ethiopian citizens, who had allegedly given the woman the trolley bag, were apprehended after the investigation revealed the drug was sourced from a hotel in Mumbai’s Masjid Bandar area.

Further investigations led to the arrest of two more Ethiopian nationals, including a woman, from a hotel in Masjid Bandar. According to him, two kilograms of cocaine were recovered from a similar trolley bag and USD 8,000 in cash had been seized from the duo’s possession.

“Investigations have revealed that the arrested defendants were members of a Nigerian drug trafficking syndicate. Her husband is one of the kingpins operating the drug syndicate from Delhi, and she is the wife of one of the kingpins.

Singh said he was allegedly using his wife, a mother of three, to facilitate the transshipment of cocaine from Mumbai to his Delhi residence using ‘drug mules’ (narcotics transporters).

It was intended for the contraband to be delivered to other kingpins in Delhi and then distributed throughout the country. A substantial amount of money was paid to the drug mules in exchange for carrying the consignments (about USD 1,000 to USD 1,200 per kilogram, depending on the level of risk involved). In addition, social media platforms and virtual numbers were used by these syndicate members to communicate with each other.

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