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A Drugs Control Organization investigation into deaths in Uzbekistan due to cough syrup has begun.

According to government sources, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has opened an investigation into the deaths of 18 children in Uzbekistan that are thought to be related to a cough syrup produced by an Indian company.

According to the Uzbek health ministry, the children who died had taken cough medicine called “Doc-1 Max” made by Noida-based Marion Biotech.

According to Hasan Harris, the lawyer for Mario Biotech, both national governments are looking into the situation and making inquiries.

“Neither a problem on our end nor a problem with the tests exists. We’ve been there for ten years now. After the government report is released, we will investigate. The manufacture has currently ceased, according to Harris.

The ministry claims that the chemical ethylene glycol was discovered in a batch of syrup during lab examinations.

According to sources, the Indian Drugs Controller General has asked the Uzbek regulator for more details about the occurrence.

Additionally, samples of the medications were taken during an inspection that was jointly carried out by the state drugs regulatory team and the central drugs regulatory team of the north zone.

The Haryana-based unit of Maiden Pharmaceuticals was shut down for violating manufacturing standards earlier this year after the deaths of 70 children in the Gambia were linked to cough syrups made by the company.

Later, however, it was discovered that the samples examined in an Indian government laboratory complied with the requirements.


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