A few former judges are part of an “anti-India gang” attempting to turn the judiciary against the government: Rijiju Kiren

Even as he stepped up his criticism of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for comments about Indian democracy in the United Kingdom, Union Minister of Law and Justice Kiren Rijiju said Saturday that a few retired judges are part of an “anti-India gang” that is forcing the judiciary to play the role of an opposition party. “Anyone working against the country will pay the price,” he threatened.

Speaking at the India Today Conference in New Delhi, the Law Minister warned of a “calculated campaign” to undermine the Indian judiciary and turn it against the administration.

“Yesterday, there was a conference on judicial accountability. However, the entire session became about how the executive affects the judiciary. “There are a few judges who are activists and are part of an anti-India gang that is attempting to turn the judiciary against the government in the same way that the opposition parties have done,” Rijiju said.

“Some citizens even petition the Supreme Court, pleading with them to rein in the administration. This is not possible. The judiciary is apolitical, and judges are not members of any organisations or political parties. “How can these people publicly advocate that the Indian judiciary (should) confront the government?” he said.

Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s recent remarks about Indian democracy in the United Kingdom, the Law Minister stated that efforts were being made both within and outside of India to weaken the Indian judiciary.

“What does it imply if Rahul Gandhi or anyone declares that the Indian court has been hijacked or that democracy in the country is over? A calculated effort is being made to discredit the Indian judiciary. That is why, day after day, they try to claim that the government is attempting to take over the Indian judiciary,” Rijiju added.

“The same ecosystem operates both within and outside of India. Remember that the people of India support Modiji and our government. “We will not let this tukde tukde gang destroy India’s integrity and sovereignty,” he declared.

Answering a question on the measures taken by the government in this regard, he said: “Agencies would take action as per the rules of law. Nobody will be able to flee. Those who have worked against the country will be held accountable.”

The Law Minister invoked the Constitutional “Lakshman rekha” guiding different institutions in response to the Supreme Court’s recent directive to the government to form a panel consisting of the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, and the Chief Justice of India for the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners.

“The Constitution provides for the appointment of Election Commissioners. Parliament must pass legislation. As a result, the appointment must be kept. I agree that there is no legislation for this in Parliament; there is a void. But what I mean is that if the CJI or Indian judges sit on every key appointment, who would carry on the business of the judiciary?” He stated.

He also slammed the Supreme Court Collegium’s decision to make public its reasons for reiterating the names proposed for judicial appointment and the government’s objections to some of them.

“I have certain names with me today and every name has plenty of objections by the colleague judges, the public, by associations and by the Bar. “I don’t make it public,” he explained.

“I am not permitted to make public an unfavourable comment written by a judge against another judge. “There must be some integrity in public life,” he stated.

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