A German security adviser says that India’s voice is being heard in Russia before Scholz’s visit.

Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, is expected to go to India later this month, around the time that the Russia-Ukraine war will have been going on for a year. On Monday, Jens Plotner, Scholz’s Foreign and Security Policy Advisor, said that Delhi’s voice is “heard clearly” and “listened to” in Moscow, which is important.

Scholz is likely to go to India in the last week of February. The 25th and 26th of February are being looked at as possible dates. This is important because the war between Russia and Ukraine will be a year old on February 24, and Scholz’s first visit alone shows that Delhi is an important part of Berlin’s strategy.

Plotner met with his counterpart, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, on Monday to get ready for Scholz’s visit. He said that the two countries are working together in a number of areas and that climate change, economic potential, and geopolitics are the three main areas where they could work together.

He brought up the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and said that it was a “classic triple-win situation.” “Now, as great as our two-way relationships are, it’s clear that they aren’t growing in a clean way. We are part of a very complicated and difficult international situation. The war that Russia is having with Ukraine. This is a war in Europe. “But this war has effects all over the world,” he said.

He said that the immediate global effects would be “food shortages” and “skyrocketing energy prices” that would cause inflation. He also said, “But it also has another global effect: a permanent member of the (UN) Security Council has decided to break the UN charter by invading a smaller country just because it can and is bigger and stronger, and that cannot go unchecked.” Because if we didn’t, I think the world would turn into a jungle, where the strongest people would win.”

Plotner said, “Now, in India, we feel we have a partner who… believes in the rules-based international order, is a strong supporter of the multilateral world and the multilateral system, and a believer in the United Nations. And that’s why we get together and work on these principles to figure out how to deal with the chaos in the world and how to make these values win, which we think are the best way for the family of nations to live together peacefully on our planet.

When asked if India could act as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine, he said, “I have a lot of respect for Indian diplomacy…

We don’t lack mediators. But Russia is not at all willing to stop this war and leave its neighbouring country.

“I think that the voice of New Delhi is very clear and that it is heard in Moscow. He said, “That makes it even more important.” Last week, Doval met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. They talked about the strategic ties between the two countries. Plotner said this about China’s attacks on India’s border: “China is an important player on the world stage. So, there aren’t many diplomatic conversations that don’t eventually turn to China.”

Plotner said this about the tension along the border between India and China: “We are worried about the border tensions, and this is not a place where arms should speak.” It’s where people need to talk. And I see that the Indian side is ready to talk.” Both Plotner and Doval talked about what was going on in Afghanistan.

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