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A man accuses Prime Minister Modi in a popular video after arriving at the wrong terminal; the airline replies…

A video of a social media user who complained about airline Akasa Air, Mumbai Airport, and the G-20 while standing at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport went viral for several reasons. In his video, the man, Ujjawal Trivedi, said he was going from Mumbai to Bengaluru and that his “ticket” said his plane would leave from the international airport. When he got there on Wednesday morning, he was told that it would be from the domestic terminal. In his video, he talked about how hard it was for him to get to work in the morning because the name of the terminal wasn’t on the “ticket” he showed the camera.

People on Twitter quickly looked at the flight number and details to see that both the boarding pass and the ticket said his flight was from T1 terminal. Aksa Air tweeted, “Hi, Ujjawal. We’re sorry for the trouble this has caused you, but our official eTicket and boarding pass have the right information about the terminal.”

In the video, he showed a screenshot that said his flight left from an international airport. In that screen shot, there was no terminal number to be seen.

People made fun of him because in his complaint video, he even mentioned Prime Minister Modi and the G-20. “Who will take care of these things? Our Prime Minister comes to take credit for little things. But he must be aware of how regular people are being bothered. I went to the Akasa Air helpdesk, but they didn’t know why there wasn’t a terminal written there either. How can someone go home if their ticket says “international”? Just think about someone who is in a hurry to catch a flight in the morning but ends up at the wrong terminal. There is also the G-20. Mumbai is also an international city “said the man.

Many people on social media joked that he could have looked up his flight number on Google to find out where the terminal was. As this was going on, the man put out another video in which he said that both Akasa Air and GoIbibo were sorry for what they had done. “People made fun of me by asking why I chose PM Modi’s name. But I want to make it clear that there is a right way to say things. When I talk about my country, I want the people in charge to hear it. This is now our job, “Ujjawal Trivedi said.

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