A minor was raped and murdered in Dumka by an accused who is not Bangladeshi, according to his family

Jharkhand Police’s investigation has concluded that the accused in the September 2 alleged rape-murder of a 14-year-old Dumka girl has ‘ancestral property’ in Dumka, despite claims of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey and legislator Babulal Marandi.

An arrest was made under the IPC and POCSO Act for the rape and murder of the 14-year-old girl found hanging in a Dumka village. In the days following the incident, a 16-year-old girl was set on fire by a stalker, and a week later she died.

He wrote on Twitter on September 8: “Dumka police claim the accused is a Dumka resident, but he is actually a Bangladeshi.” He doesn’t have any family or friends in that village.” Marandi got villagers to sign a declaration that the accused doesn’t live there. The NIA even looked into it.

As Dubey tweeted that day: “Congress and JMM are conspiring to secede Jharkhand into Bangladesh. NIA should investigate.”

The accused’s father, three brothers, and one brother are still living in a Dumka village according to a September 11 letter from Mufassil Dumka police station in charge Umesh Ram. In a physical verification, the villagers and one of the relatives said the accused’s father was born there.” Ram wrote that the documents of the land records they were given were also being checked.

In response to the police’s claim, Dubey said “police can say anything they want”.In his tweet, Babulal ji clearly stated that the accused doesn’t come from the village. Marandi, however, said: “It is possible that the accused is from Dumka, but the police created confusion then.” The villagers also said the accused didn’t come from that village.”

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