A preliminary inquiry has been ordered by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand into the assets of five former BJP ministers

The Cabinet Vigilance Department has initiated a preliminary investigation against five BJP leaders, including four sitting MLAs and former cabinet members, for allegedly having assets derived from sources other than those known to them. The Chief Minister of Jharkhand has ordered the Cabinet Vigilance Department to investigate these individuals.

They include Amar Kumar Bauri from Chandankyari, Randhir Singh from Sarath, Neera Yadav from Koderma, and Neelkanth Singh Munda from Khunti. All of them currently serve as members of the BJP in their respective constituencies. In the past, Louis Marandi was a member of the Dumka Legislative Assembly. An inquiry was ordered by Hemant Soren earlier this year against Bauri, Yadav, Munda, Singh, and Marandi, who were all ministers in Raghubar Das’ government.

As stated in the Information and Public Relations Department’s press release, this matter relates to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed in the Jharkhand High Court in 2020 and a concurrent complaint filed with the Cabinet Vigilance Department, which was subsequently referred to the ACB for verification.

A release stated that the Anti-Corruption Bureau confirmed that all five former ministers (of the BJP) possessed disproportionate assets. Additionally, it stated that the preliminary inquiry is intended to determine whether the matter should be investigated ‘in the interests of justice’.

“…(BJP leaders) par parivadi dwaara lagaye pratyanupaatik dhaarjan ke aarop ke liye ab tak ke gopniya satyapan se pushti hone ka ullekh karte hue unke viruddh alag alag PE darz karne hetu anumati ki maang ki gayi. A complaint had been filed alleging that certain BJP leaders had disproportionate assets, which had been verified confidentially (by the ACB) and permission was sought to initiate preliminary investigations against them.

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