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A show of unity by Gehlot, Pilot’s political break is temporary: BJP

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, and the former deputy chief minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot, are pictured in Jaipur with Congress General Secretary (Org) KC Venugopal. (ANI)

It has been claimed by the opposition BJP in Rajasthan on Wednesday that the show of unity by Ashok Gehlot and his former deputy Sachin Pilot is merely a political break and that they will again issue statements critical of each other in the future.

A video statement released by BJP spokesperson Ram Lal Sharma indicated that the people of the state are suffering due to the infighting within the ruling Congress party.

“The people of the state were assured that everything was well in the Congress, but I believe this is only a break in the political process for the time being, and people of the state will hear the same words and phrases again, such as “nakara” and “nikamma”.

Gehlot told NDTV last week that Pilot is a ‘ghaddar’ (traitor) who cannot replace him as chief minister due to his revolt against the Congress in 2020 and his attempt to topple the state government. pilot responded that such “mudslinging” would not affect the situation.

In a meeting held by AICC general secretary (organisation) K C Venugopal on Tuesday, both leaders demonstrated a sense of unity.

Sharma alleged that the government was suppressing protests despite infighting within the Congress party.

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