According to Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party is a solid force in Gujarat, while the AAP is just an idea

On Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed confidence that Congress would win the election in Gujarat by defeating the BJP. He stated that there was a huge anti-incumbency campaign against the government in the state. According to him, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has only created a buzz in the state purely through advertising and does not have any support on the ground.

“Congress is effectively contesting the Gujarat elections. The AAP is only in the air at this time. There is no evidence of its existence on the ground. Gandhi told reporters during the Telangana leg of the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Kothur that the Congress is a strong party in Gujarat. In Gujarat, there is a strong anti-incumbency sentiment against the BJP.

He declined to comment on the tragedy in Morbi, Gujarat, where a bridge collapsed and more than 130 people died, stating that he did not wish to politicize the incident. At the beginning of the press conference, a two-minute silence was observed for those who lost their lives in the tragedy.

After the election for Congress president, Gandhi also asked when the RSS-BJP and TRS would hold their own internal elections. TRS and Congress will not be tying up, according to him.

The corruption, the approach, and the attitude of TRS are unacceptable to us. “We are diametrically opposed to what they are doing,” he said. KCR was also free to imagine that he was leading a national or even international party, when asked about the renaming of TRS to Bharath Rashtra Samithi (BRS).

In addition to continuing to attack the BJP government at the center, the former Congress president stated that the current government has done a great deal of damage to the country’s institutional framework.

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