Actor accuses three of gang rape in Mohali

A woman was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped on Tuesday evening in Punjab’s Mohali district, police officials said, adding that they have yet to be arrested.

It was reported to the police that the accused had lured a woman with an offer of a role in a song by a famous Punjabi singer. The accused were arrested as a result. According to the woman, she was approached by a costume designer she knew and offered a role in a song.

As a result, the woman received a telephone call on October 2 from a man who identified himself as Baljit Laddi and requested that she accompany him to Chandigarh, according to the police report. In her complaint, the woman alleges that he took her to a village where he and two of his accomplices raped her.

Based on this complaint, the police registered a case under sections 376-D (gang rape), 366 (kidnapping, abducting or compelling a woman into marriage) and 368 (wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement a kidnapped or abducted individual).

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