Administrator assures strict action against unauthorised cracker sales in Kurali

As the illegal sale of fire crackers continues in Kurali at several locations, officials from the district administration announced Tuesday that they would conduct a drive to check the illegal sale in the near future. The district administration’s website states that only one temporary license has been issued for the sale of fire crackers in Kurali. Visits to the town, however, reveal that firecrackers are being sold without authorization in several shops.

In Kurali, two sites were selected for the sale of crackers during the draw of lots on October 12. These were Shaheed Beant Singh Stadium on Siswan Road and Sports Stadium on Singh pura Road. North India’s firecracker hub is Kurali. How would we dispose of these crackers? This business is heavily invested in by the locals every year. During the pandemic, it suffered a great deal. “Everyone wants to make a profit this holiday season,” said a shopkeeper selling crackers on Kharar Road. Although Kurali is known for the sale of fireworks, the administration only issued one license to the shopkeeper.

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