After the CEO of the company was released, the sister of a former Navy officer has renewed her demand for release

After the purported release of an Omani executive of a Doha-based private firm providing defence training to the Qatari navy on August 30, the family of an ex-Indian Navy officer, one of eight other employees taken into the custody of the same company, renewed their call for their release.

Doha Global Technologies Consultancy Services’ managing director, Commander Purnendu Tiwari (retd), is among the eight Indians held in Qatar.

The Deccan Era reporter @DrMeetuBhargava identified herself as the sister of Commodore Tiwari on Thursday. According to the family, Khamis Al Ajmi, a retired squadron leader of the Royal Oman Air Force and CEO of the Doha firm, has been released, according to “confirmed information.”

As of this writing, the Deccan Era has not been able to confirm the arrest and release of Al Ajmi independently.

Bhargava did not disclose who informed her of Al Khamis’ release, but she said it had given her hope. She made one more appeal to the government to “expedite the release” of the Navy veterans without delay of more than a few days.

Upon the release of the company’s CEO, all other officers should also be released, Bhargava stated.

According to Bhargava, all eight in custody were allowed to communicate once a week with their families. Their mental and physical health will deteriorate severely if they are not released now, as they will be mentally tired and depressed.

Qatar’s State Security Bureau is holding the eight individuals. According to reports, each is confined to a solitary cell. It has not been possible for India to obtain the men’s release – Bhargava reported that they are being held in an “illegal” manner.

As today marks the 80th day of our senior citizen Navy veterans’ illegal solitary confinement in Doha, the Indian government must act immediately, swiftly, and decisively if it genuinely cares about its security. Their aging has caused them to suffer from medical ailments.

As of retirement, all of the men were senior Indian Navy officers. Their families have not been informed about the charges against them. The wife of one of the men wrote to the Indian Embassy in Doha stating that her husband was taken to their home on October 5 but was not allowed to speak to her and taken away by the four escorts after packing some belongings.

Earlier this month, an MEA spokesperson stated that the government is trying to bring the men home. Late last month, the Deccan Era learned that an Indian official travelled to Doha. However, no breakthrough has been achieved to secure the men’s release.

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