Amit Shah condemns Congress politician Pawan Khera’s jab at Prime Minister Narendra Modi: “The party would be extinct in 2024.”

On Monday, Federal home minister Amit Shah launched a full-scale assault against the Congress in response to a party leader’s reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “Narendra Gautam Das.” Shah, speaking at a campaign event in Nagaland, stated that the people will respond to such “derogatory words” by routing the Congress in the upcoming elections. The leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party asserted, “Congress will absolutely perish this time.”

Shah’s statement arrived hours after Khera’s press conference clip from last week went viral. In the video, he can be heard calling the prime minister Narendra “Gautam Das” Modi. “Why are you avoiding a parliamentary debate?” Why do you have a fear of JPC? Even Prime Ministers PV Narasimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpayee established the Joint Parliamentary Committee. What issue does Narendra “Gautam Das,” “Damodaradas,” have with the JPC? Damodardas is correct. “His name is Damodardas, but his actions are those of Gautam Das,” he can be heard stating. Khera then stated in a tweet that he “genuinely got confused between Damodardas and Gautam Das…”

In response, Shah stated, “The rhetoric used by a Congress spokesperson (Pawan Khera) towards Prime Minister Modi today is not his comment, but rather a statement consistent with Rahul Gandhi’s temperament. In 2019, Rahul Gandhi insulted Prime Minister Modi, and as a result, the Congress lost its place as the official opposition party.”

A First Information Report, or FIR, has been filed against Khera for “making derogatory remarks about the father of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.” The FIR, filed by BJP leader Mukesh Sharma at the Hazratganj police station in Lucknow, alleges that Khera made the remark.

Shah also criticised Rahul Gandhi, stating that the party’s stature has declined since he became leader. “…after Rahul Gandhi became the leader of the Congress party, the calibre of Congress party leaders has deteriorated day by day.”

“…in 2024, Congress would be invisible even when viewed through binoculars,” Shah added.

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