Amit Shah criticises the Congress in response to Khera’s statement about Prime Minister Modi.

On Monday, Union home minister Amit Shah criticised the Congress for “mocking” Prime Minister Narendra Modi and stated that the opposition party’s members had degenerated since Rahul Gandhi became leader.

“With the tone used by a Congress spokesman (against PM Modi) and the response it elicited from people across the country, you will see Rahul Gandhi declare that the Congress will not be visible even through telescopes after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. “The people will answer through the vote box,” he stated while addressing a rally in Mon town, Nagaland, prior to the upcoming election.

While Shah did not identify any Congress leaders, his assault came days after Congress MP Pawan Khera, when discussing the Adani issue on Friday, asked, “What is the problem with Narendra Gautamdas, I mean Narendra Damodardas Modi?”

In response to criticism of his remark, Khera tweeted on the same day, “I honestly got confused between Damodardas and Gautam Das…”

Shah added that the federal government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is committed to settling the decades-old Naga issue and that peace talks are making progress.

According to him, Modi has inaugurated a new age of peace and development in northeast India, as seen by the peaceful resolution of conflicts between the Bodo and Kardi tribal people. In a similar fashion, he continued, the federal ministry of the interior is attempting to resolve the Naga issue by respecting the Naga people’s feelings.

In the previous eight years, the Centre has reduced insurgency-related violence in the region by 70%, and it has lately removed 60% of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 (AFSPA) from the northeast, including 15 police stations and seven districts in Nagaland, according to Shah.

He noted that despite all of this, the Congress party, led by Rahul Gandhi, maintains its onslaught against Modi, despite the fact that it has lost its opposition status. Shah stated that the Congress has become a marginalised party in the whole northeast, which was formerly a bulwark for the party, and that the party’s standing was falling day by day under Gandhi.

During the Congress regime, only 2 lakh crore was allocated in five years for the entire northeast, while under Modi’s leadership, 7 lakh crore has been allocated for infrastructure development. In 2009-10, the Congress provided Nagaland 1,300 crore, whereas in 2022-23, the National Democratic Alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party will grant 4,800 crore.

Shah stated that the proposal for a separate state by the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO), which represents seven tribal bodies in six districts, was legitimate and that the appropriate conversations on the matter are ongoing.

“We understand your issues, and in conjunction with chief minister Neiphiu Rio, the Centre has chosen to give a remedy after the elections,” he stated.

Whether it’s financial provisions, representation, or the general development of eastern Nagaland, the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party-BJP coalition would embrace it all, he added.

Mon is one of the six eastern districts, and the BJP and Rio’s pre-election seat-sharing (20:40) collaboration has fielded nine candidates, three from the BJP and six from the NDPP, in the district.

Shah will spend the night in Mon and speak at a further rally on Tuesday. On February 24, Modi is likely to campaign for the BJP-NDPP coalition in the state.

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