Amit Shah says at an Interpol event that there is no good terrorism and no bad terrorism

In his address to delegates from 195 countries, Home Minister Amit Shah said the world needed to establish a consensus on the definition of terrorism and should not attribute it to political motivations.

“Terrorism is a global issue. In my opinion, the violation of human rights by terrorism is the greatest. The fight against cross-border terrorism requires cross-border cooperation. For this purpose, Interpol is the most appropriate platform. First, all countries must reach a consensus regarding the definition of terrorism. Without this consensus, we will not be able to combat terrorism effectively. The resolve to fight terrorism in a united manner and the narrative of good terrorism and bad terrorism, as well as big terrorism and small terrorism, cannot run together,” Shah stated at the closing ceremony of the 90th General Assembly of the International Association of National Police Forces.

Union Home minister Amit Shah with Interpol president Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi during the 90th General Assembly of INTERPOL in New Delhi on Friday. (Deccan Era Photo)

On October 18, 195 countries participated in the event, which addressed issues related to cooperation between member countries in combating terrorism, financial crimes, drug trafficking, and child sex abuse. During the inaugural session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon Interpol to speed up issuing red corner notices since “corrupt and terrorists cannot be given safe havens.”.

Shah stated that a consensus was also required on the issue of terrorism spreading across borders through online radicalization. Political ideologies cannot be viewed through the prism of this issue. Our fight against terrorism will be incomplete if we consider online radicalisation a political issue. Through technical inputs and workforce, India is committed to fighting global terrorism with Interpol.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah hands over the Interpol flag to Andreas Holzer, Director of the Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service (CIS), on the concluding day of the 90th general Assembly of the Interpol in New Delhi on Friday. (Deccan Era Photo)

Additionally, Shah advocated the creation of a similar but separate, robust platform for sharing information among counterterrorism agencies worldwide. It has been observed that the Interpol nodal agency and the counterterror agency are different in many countries. A situation such as this makes it challenging to bring all counterterrorism agencies together on one platform. I suggest that Interpol establish a mechanism for real-time information sharing among all counterterrorism agencies worldwide. As a result, we will be able to strengthen our fight against terrorism.” Shah stated.

India’s Interpol nodal agency is the CBI, but its counterterrorism agency is the National Investigation Agency. The former falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs as opposed to the latter, which is under the Prime Minister’s Office.

Shah also discussed the challenge of narco-terrorism and called for greater cooperation between countries to combat this problem.

“Intelligence and information should be shared on a platform. Joint operations should be conducted based on intelligence inputs. The region should cooperate on maritime security, provide mutual assistance in legal matters, and establish a mechanism to combat money laundering. Anti-narcotics agencies worldwide should exchange real-time information, and a narco database should be established,” he said. The Government of India is committed to cooperating with Interpol to establish a dedicated center or convention and to establish a dedicated communication network for counterterrorism and anti-narcotics agencies around the world.”

On the basis of Interpol’s experience and accomplishments over the past 100 years, Shah recommended that it develop a plan for the next 50 years.

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