An investigation has begun into cracks on the Vande Bharat window pane when Owaisi was traveling

Asaduddin Owaisi and his team were traveling on the Vande Bharat train when cracks were found on the window pane.

Asaduddin Owaisi and his team were traveling from Ahmedabad to Surat to attend a public meeting in Limbayat on Monday when the incident occurred near Ankleshwar Railway station in Bharuch. A piece of concrete hit the window near seat number 25 when the train crossed the Narmada bridge while Owaisi was on seat number 18.

After the train halted at Surat railway station, a passenger noticed the crack. The passenger immediately notified the police and railway authorities.

According to advocate Waris Pathan, at a public event on Monday in Limbayat, someone threw stones at the coach carrying Owaisi.

In an interview with The Deccan Era, Western Railway Superintendent of Police Rajesh Parmar said, “We have sought a report from the railway technical team.” A survey of the area revealed no clues as to where the incident occurred.

After performing primary investigations, we discovered that railway tracks were being repaired near the Ankleshwar railway station. A low-speed alert was issued for trains. Due to the Vande Bharat train’s high speed, some concrete pieces might hit the window.”

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