As Congress elects a non-Gandhi chief, top leaders insist the Gandhi family plays a crucial role in moving forward

With the Congress electing its first non-Gandhi president in 24 years, senior leaders on Monday asserted that the guidance of the Gandhi family would be crucial and play a vital role in the party in the coming days.

The elections are significant as the new president will replace Sonia Gandhi, the longest-serving Congress president. She has been in power since 1998, except for the two years between 2017 and 2019 when Rahul Gandhi took over.

Voting for the post of Congress President began on Monday. Senior leaders Mallikarjun Kharge and Shashi Tharoor are facing each other for the position of AICC chief. Over 9,000 Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) representatives from the body select the party chief during a vote.

Speaking to reporters after casting her vote at the AICC headquarters here, senior leader Ambika Soni said the Gandhi family could not be ignored, and the attachment of party workers with them will continue.

Appreciating Sonia Gandhi’s contribution to the party, Soni said that she was instrumental in the formation of the UPA government and Congress’ victory in the 2004 elections by defeating the BJP’s ‘Shining India’ campaign.

“This commitment to isolate him (Gandhi) can ne’er succeed. Mention problems like value rise, costs square measure intensifying,” the previous Union minister told reporters.

Later on, regarding theatres like him and Sonia Gandhi, Soni said, “I have no role.              I even have served fifty-two years within the Congress party. I want Sonia Ji’s role to be our guide, friend, philosopher, MP, CLP…will remain the same.”

Congress General Secretary Mukul Wasnik said that the Gandhi family has a history of more than 100 years, and its members played a vital role in the freedom struggle, which no one can ignore.

“Even after gaining independence, he has contributed a lot to the making of modern India. When the time demanded, he also made the supreme sacrifice; no one can forget the sacrifice of Indira Ji, Rajiv Ji and the contribution of Jawaharlal Nehru in giving a vision for building a modern India.

“The Gandhi family can still play an important role. Sonia Gandhi could step down when the new president is elected. However, there’s little doubt that she has been our leader and can still be our leader. We are going to look to him from time to time for inspiration and steering,” said Wasnik.

He said that Rahul Gandhi has a set of ideas to move forward, and his guidance will be invaluable for the party.

Congress spokesperson and in-charge of Sikkim, Tripura and Nagaland Ajay Kumar said it was a historic moment as he criticized the BJP for attacking the AICC presidential elections.

“None folks know how JP Nadda was elected; 2 and a half individuals determined – one Modi, one crowned head and half RSS. So it is a joke for such a party to comment on elections.

“A real party, we’ve our challenges before the USA. However, you’ll see an enormous quantity of goodwill for whichever president you’ll be elected,” Kumar said.

Mentioning that Rahul Gandhi is undertaking the 3,500-km Kanyakumari for the Kashmir India Jodi Yatra, he said it was a difficult task and that Gandhi was undoubtedly a crowd puller.

“Who is pulling the crowd for the journey? Therefore, why would the person not be vital,” Kumar asked.

“Whether it’s Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka-Ji or different huge leaders, there square measure many of us, Sachin Pilot, Ashok Gehlot; most are there. Mister Gandhi is one of the tallest leaders of our cluster,” he said.

Kharge and Tharoor have emphasized that Kharge has said that he will seek their “guidance” and “suggestions”, and Tharoor has said that no Congress president should work keeping his distance from the Gandhi family.

In the post-independence era, the members of the Gandhi family have been at the party’s helm for almost 40 years.


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