Bangla minister: India plays a big role in Bangladesh’s political stability

On Tuesday, Bangladesh’s Information and Broadcasting Minister, Muhammad Hasan Mahmud, said ties between the two countries go much deeper than the pending Teesta water-sharing agreement. By ensuring regional stability, India has helped maintain Bangladesh’s political stability.

Mahmud told the media at the Press Club of India that Dhaka accepted New Delhi’s invitation to the G20 summit in September 2023.

The only guest country from South Asia is Bangladesh.

When asked about the implications of attacks on Hindu minorities in Bangladesh and Muslims in India being targeted. As a result, Mahmud said these attacks result from “fanatic groups” in Bangladesh, and the Hasina government has ensured Hindus are safe.

According to Mahmud, “Progress of Bangladesh would never have been possible without the political…all-out support of India” under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina. Thank you, India, for supporting Bangladesh. The stability of the country [Bangladesh] is one of the necessary conditions for prosperity, and it’s been that way for the last 14 years.”

The Indian government has played a vital role in maintaining regional and political stability in Bangladesh.”

It’s expected that Bangladesh will hold its next general election in 2023. Since 2009, the Hasina-led Awami League has ruled the country.

In response to a question about the Teesta water-sharing agreement, which is an emotional subject in Bangladesh, Mahmud said he hoped the impasse would be broken. It’s not just about the Teesta water sharing. The India-Bangladesh relationship is very diverse. There’s a lot we share. There’s progress between Bangladesh and India on resolving the issue. “There are some obligations and procedures under India’s Constitution; I hope that after following all procedures, it will be resolved in the future,” he said.

Mahmud says there are no minorities in Bangladesh. We have a Prime Minister who says, ‘don’t feel like you’re a minority; you’re a son of the soil.’ Everyone has equal rights under Bangladesh’s Constitution. There are fanatic groups in India and Bangladesh that try to ignite fanaticism and disrupt harmony. It happens everywhere.”

Over the last few years, the Bangladesh government has adopted a “tough” stance against such elements. It was a festive Durga Puja this year. Puja pandals increased by 700 over last year.” He blames “fake news and propaganda on social media” for the attacks.

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