BCI supports Justice Chandrachud on the contended complaint of abuse of office ahead of imminent creation as CJI

BCI supports SC Judge Chandrachud on the contended complaint of abuse of office ahead of imminent creation as CJI

The Bar Council of India has said that the country and the Bar have complete faith in Supreme Court Judge Justice DY Chandrachud, who’s set to come the coming Chief Justice of India after a complaint of contended abuse of office against him, and” designedly” Condemned it — trying to defame the Indian bar.

The apex statutory body of attorneys attacked R K Pathan, who claims to be the head of the so- called’ Supreme Court and High Court Petitioners Association’, for filing a complaint against the President of India and thesenior-most Justice Chandrachud along with others. Of the Supreme Court, extensively sloped to be the 50th CJI, when the peremptory UU Lalit retired on 8 November.

It said,” The Bar Council of India explosively condemns the modus operandi of some people with vested interests trying to blemish the image of the Supreme Court and its judges. Such an adding trend is indeed serious for the country.” It’s a matter of concern, and it should be stopped by any means.

The BCI statement read,” A post and letter by RK Pathan are being circulated by some people( in which, we know there are also 2- 3 attorneys from Mumbai) for the creation of Justice Chandrachud as Chief Justice. It’s being designedly viral on the dusk of India.
The Bar Council of India, through its president Manan Kumar Mishra, said that it has completely examined the contents of the 165- runner letter and set up it to be an” outrageous and vicious attempt” to intrude with the functioning of the bar and the administration of justice. I could not find anything other than that.

“The country and the Indian Bar have complete faith in Justice DY Chandrachud. Justice DY Chandrachud is an asset to the world’s bar and is known for his wisdom, honesty and integrity; But unexpectedly, indeed similar notorious judges are under attack.
Unexpectedly, the BCI said that no details of RK Pathan have been presented in the complaint, and there’s no address or nature of the body it claims to represent.

“The Bar Council of India has been informed by the Supreme Court and by some elderly members of the Bombay High Court Bar that it’s the same RK Pathan( Rashid Khan Pathan) who, in April 2020, was condemned by the Supreme Court in a suo moto disdain. was set up in the solicitation. shamefaced of disdain for filing a false and unwarranted complaint against a Supreme Court judge( now retired),” the Bar’s apex body said.
It said the Supreme Court has held that the complaints were reprehensible.

The Bar Council of India has been informed that Pathan and two other lawyers were also condemned of conspiracy with him. All three were doomed to simple imprisonment for three months by the Supreme Court in the 2019 disdain case.

As per the information given by some elderly members and office liaisons of the State Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, this isn’t the only case; before also, Rashid Khan Pathan had made depreciatory and reprehensible allegations against a sitting judge of the Bombay High Court.

“A show- cause notice was issued by the Bombay High Court, observing that the statement made was an attempt to defame the court and a well- planned attempt to intrude with the administration of justice. It appears that the same person makes the present complaint to our Continuing its sweats to calumniate the bar”, the BCI statement said.

It said the State Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa and Bar Council of India would probe the unrighteous conduct of a sprinkle of lawyers of Mumbai and follow applicable action so that no bone dares to indulge in similar mischief in future.

“This act of Pathan is nothing but a deliberate attempt to defame our Indian bar in the eyes of the world. Indian Bar can not tolerate similar nonsense acts by anyone. The complaint’s timing exposes the vicious motive behind this bogus and bogus complaint” it added.

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