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Bhiwani killings: A second mahapanchayat backs Monu and requests that his name be removed from the FIR.

Two Muslim men's charred carcasses were discovered in a vehicle in Loharu, Bhiwani district. (PTI)

A second “Hindu mahapanchayat” was held in Haryana on Wednesday in support of 28-year-old Mohit Yadav, also known as Monu Manesar, with supporters demanding that his name be removed from a FIR accusing him of the murder of two Muslim men whose charred bodies were discovered in a car in Bhiwani on February 16. On the same day, Rajasthan Police revealed the names of eight murder suspects in addition to Rinku Saini, who has been detained, but did not include Manesar among them.

Tuesday, during a mahapanchayat in Monu’s hometown of Manesar, the speakers reiterated that he is innocent and warned violence if he were to be arrested by the Rajasthan Police. This was similar to a video released by Monu immediately after the crime, in which he emphasised that he “was not engaged in the murder.”

At the Vishwa Hindu Parishad-organized mahapanchayat in Hathin on Wednesday, members sought the removal of Monu’s name from the initial FIR filed by Rajasthan Police and demanded an apology from the police and the government for “defaming the Bajrang Dal.” Family members of the two victims, Nasir and Junaid, filed a complaint with the Rajasthan Police on February 15, alleging Bajrang Dal involvement under sections 143 (unlawful assembly), 365 (kidnapping), 367 (grievously hurt after kidnapping), 368 (wrongfully keeping in confinement), 302 (murder), and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.

Bajrang Dal member Dharmender Yadav requested an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), claiming that some politicians attempted to give the issue a communal hue. “The Congress government in Rajasthan attempted to accuse cow vigilantes in a fabricated case in order to gain political traction ahead of the approaching elections.” “They slandered Monu Manesar when he was innocent,” he stated.

Despite the fact that Monu’s name was not on the list that was issued on Wednesday, senior officers of the Rajasthan Police stated that he has not yet been cleared.

Members of the mahapanchayat stated that cow vigilantes should not be harassed before to the investigation’s conclusion and threatened nationwide protests.

Kulbhushan Bhardwaj, a member of the Bajrang Dal, stated, “No one would be spared if they are falsely implicated in any matter.”

Thursday is likely when Monu will meet with his supporters, according to his relatives. One of them, preferring anonymity, stated, “We are grateful for the support.”

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