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Bilaspur youngster dies while making an Instagram video with buddies.

In Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur on Friday, a 20-year-old man allegedly died after falling from the sun shade of a building’s window while trying to make an Instagram reel with his college friends. Two of his pals’ cell phones managed to record a video of the incident.

Around three o’clock in the afternoon, the tragedy happened on the grounds of the Science College in the Bilaspur district, where the deceased, 20-year-old Ashutosh Sahu, studied with his pals. Nonetheless, the boy’s father has decided not to complain. The Sarkanda police station has received a complaint of accidental death.

A BCA student named Sahu went to the old building’s terrace with at least four of his pals and scaled the sunshade over a window. He can be seen in the video leaping on the sunshade once as a friend assures him that his weight won’t cause it to shatter.

Sahu responds, “I won’t be able to jump back if I jump from here (to another sun shelter). He then hears his friend exclaim, “You will. Come on; I’m filming something. Sahu suffered head injuries and later fell 15 to 20 feet, according to the police.

In an effort to raise awareness among young people who film unsafe videos to post on social media with little regard for consequences, Superintendent of Police (Bilaspur) Santosh Singh uploaded a shortened version of the video along with a warning on Twitter. “A young man (wearing an orange T-shirt) fell today while filming Instagram videos with pals on the Bilaspur Science College campus. He was beyond saving. An investigation into the incident is ongoing. “At all times, vigilance is required,” Singh tweeted on Friday.



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