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“BJP government talks like a lion outside, but acts like a mouse inside,” says Congress chief Kharge about the standoff at the border.

Monday, the president of the Congress party, Mallikarjun Kharge, said that the BJP government “talks like a lion outside the country but acts like a mouse inside” because it can’t stop China from crossing the border and is trying to avoid a debate in Parliament about the issue.

During the Bharat Jodo Yatra, he also said at a rally in Alwar, Rajasthan, that “not even a dog of the BJP was lost” for the country, while the Congress stood for the country and helped get independence after its leaders gave their lives.

Kharge said that the BJP was dividing the country’s people by religion, caste, and region. He also said that the BJP was trying to end democracy and the independence of constitutional institutions, which is why the Congress was holding the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

“The Modi government says they are very strong and pat themselves on the back, saying that no one can look into their eyes. However, there are more disagreements and fights at the border. Twenty of our soldiers died at the border in Galwan. After that, Modi ji met with the Chinese president 18 times. They got together and had swings. “Why is it happening at the border with China after all this?” he asked.

Kharge said he brought up China again in Parliament and wanted to talk about the situation at the border, but the BJP government is not ready to do that.

“They talk like lions outside, but if you watch them, they act like mice.” We want the issue to be talked about and notices given, but they are not ready for a discussion in Parliament yet, he said.

“Has even your dog died for the country? Yet they call themselves patriots, and if we say something, we’re called deshdrohi (anti-nationals),” the Congress leader said, claiming that the BJP is trying to end democracy and the Constitution.

He said that’s why Rahul Gandhi is going on this Bharat Jodo Yatra and trying to bring everyone together.

Kharge said it was strange that we weren’t able to talk about the Chinese border crossings as we had asked. “They said there was no reason to talk.” “Defense Minister Rajnath Singh came, spoke for one page, and then left. But we needed to talk about what was going on with China, what the government was doing, and how our border and soldiers were doing.

“We in Congress are for the country and national security, and we will protect the country as a group. But why are you hiding and trying to avoid a conversation with China?” he asked, adding that Congress just wants to know what’s going on.

“This government is killing democracy. Institutions are losing some of their freedom. The agencies that look into things are being abused. “They are also trying to make Congress afraid,” he said.

“This BJP government is trying to make people fight with each other over religion, caste, and language. Because of this, people are very interested in the yatra. “Everything Rahul ji says gives the BJP problems,” he said.

When will the country have a “China pe Charcha”? Kharge, president of the Congress, asks
The 80-year-old leader said that when Rahul Gandhi talked about the border dispute with China, BJP leaders brought it up and said, “Rahul ji is trying to break the country and has no respect for our soldiers.”

Earlier in the day, Kharge brought up border disputes with China in the Rajya Sabha and asked that they be talked about.

“China is getting too close to our borders without permission. Satellite images show that they are building the headquarters for a division, a garrison for the army, and shelters for artillery weapons. He asked on Twitter, “Why does the Modi government shy away from ‘China pe charcha’?”


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