BJP MPs Nishikant Dubey, and Manoj Tiwari are among 9 booked for forcing entry into ATC

Jharkhand Police has booked BJP Lok Sabha MP Nishikant Dubey, his two sons, MP Manoj Tiwari, Deoghar airport director, and others for allegedly seeking ‘forcible’ clearance from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) for take-off from Deoghar. FIR has been registered. Even though there is no ‘night take-off or landing facility at the airport on August 31. An FIR was registered at Kunda police station on September 1 on a complaint by security in-charge Suman Anand, who stated that the said persons violated all ‘safety norms’ by entering the ATC room and were forced to take off at the officers.

“Nine people, including both the MPs – Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari – and the airport director have been booked under IPC sections 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others), 447 (punishment for criminal trespass), 448 (home Punishment for) was registered. trespassing),” Kunda police station in charge Praveen Kumar said.

Deoghar DC, in a letter to the Principal Secretary, Cabinet-Coordination (Civil Aviation), Jharkhand on September 2, narrating the entire matter, said that after boarding the aircraft, the pilot came out of the aircraft and started walking towards ATC.

“Also, on August 31, the local sunset time was 18.03 hours… the air services are to be operated till 17.30 hours. Dubey and others came inside the ATC room. The security in charge said that the pilot and passengers were pressurizing for clearance to take off, which was granted.

“The security in-charge has mentioned that he was shocked and worried due to the presence of passengers in the ATC room and such action is a violation of airport security norms. The security in charge further observed that the pilot and passengers were pressurizing them to be cleared for take-off. As a result, ATC clearance was granted,” the letter added.

The issue also sparked off a Twitter war between Dubey and Deoghar Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri. Dubey alleged that the Delhi Police has registered a case against Bhajantri for insulting the Constitution and under the Official Secrets Act, among others. At 10.47 pm Friday, Dubey tweeted: “Law prevails in this country. Delhi Police has registered a case against DC Deoghar under IPC sections 124b [Whoever deliberately insults the book of the Constitution, the national flag, the national emblem or the national anthem, by burning, desecration or otherwise], 201[causing disappearance of evidence]…Officials Secrets Act.”

When contacted, Nishikant Dubey did not respond.

Bhajanatri told The Indian Express that she was not aware of any FIR. “Earlier the police had registered an FIR against him (Dubey) and others for going inside ATC and forcibly taking clearance.”

On DC Deoghar’s tweet on pressing for the clearance, MP Dubey in a tweet said: “…how and under what authority did you get inside the airport? Who allowed you to see the CCTV footage? You are disappointed, CM Let’s be a sycophant and be cool.” To this, the Bhajantri replied that he had the right and took a ‘gate pass to enter. However, to this Dubey said: “Who allowed you to enter the apron? ATC Tower? You have violated all the rules. pathetic.”

Bhajantri denied this in his tweet and Dubey then said that the IAS officer has violated national security. The fight between the two continued on social media, leveling allegations and counter allegations against each other.


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