“Bluster and bluff,” Owaisi said about Jaishankar’s question, “Who sent the Army to LAC?”

In an interview with ANI editor Smita Prakash on Wednesday, Asaduddin Owaisi called foreign minister S Jaishankar’s claims about the Line of Actual Control “blusteR and bluff” that won’t solve the border dispute with China. Owaisi, who has been criticising the government on this issue for a long time, asked why the government is “running away” from a debate in Parliament if it has nothing to hide. Read | “What Jaishankar’s dad said”: Jawhar Sircar, a Trinamool MP, asks if the foreign minister has lost his memory.

“Mr. Jaishankar, @DrSJaishankar, if the government has nothing to hide about the China border crisis, why is it trying to avoid a debate and discussion in Parliament? Why don’t you answer my questions about the subject? Why doesn’t the media go there?” Owaisi tweeted. Read | PM Modi sent Army to LAC, Rahul didn’t, says Jaishankar

Owaisi called Jaishankar’s argument silly and pointless, and he said that Jaishankar was just following the PM’s line of “na koi ghusa hai.”

“The government has lost control of parts of Ladakh and hasn’t been able to get things back to how they were three years ago. Isn’t that the least that the government should do? Owaisi said that they can’t even get China to talk about Depsang and Demchok.

Owaisi said that the government is afraid of the truth, whether it’s about the riots in Gujarat or the “Ladakh crisis with China.” “The EAM’s threats and bluster won’t solve the problem at the border with China. You have to be honest and be ready to accept the truth. Today, the minister showed again that the Modi government is afraid of the truth, whether it is about the 2002 Gujrat pogrom or the Ladakh crisis with China, Owaisi said.

In an interview on Tuesday, Jaishankar responded to the Congress’s criticisms about China by saying that the leaders of the Congress must have trouble understanding words that start with the letter “C.” “When did China really take control of that area? They must have trouble understanding words that start with the letter “C.” I think they are trying to make the situation look worse on purpose. The Chinese went there for the first time in 1958, and they took it over in October 1962. “You’re going to blame the Modi government in 2023 for a bridge that the Chinese took in 1962, but you don’t have the guts to say that’s where it happened,” Jaishankar said.

Rahul Gandhi was not the one who sent the army to the LAC. Jaishankar said, “If I had to sum up this China thing, I would ask you not to believe this story that somewhere the government is on the defensive and somewhere we are trying to make things work.” I ask people if we were being flexible when they sent the Indian Army to the LAC (Line of Actual Control). They were not sent by Rahul Gandhi. They were sent by Narendra Modi. On the border with China, we have the largest peacetime deployment ever. We spend a lot of money and work to keep troops there. We have spent more on border infrastructure five times since this government took office. Who is the person who is both defensive and willing to work with other people? Who is telling the real truth? Who is telling the truth about how things are? Who is putting history on the back burner?”

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