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BTech is the third most employable degree; MBA and BCom will become the most popular degrees in the near future

Also, the survey indicates that candidates from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Delhi are more likely to be employed than those from other states. (Representative image)

Among the most popular courses in 2023 will be BCom and MBA, with 60.62 percent and 60.1 percent of the most employable candidates, respectively, according to the Wheebox India Skills Report 2023. Further, BE/BTech domain candidates rank third in the domain-wise employability category, with 57.44 percent employability.

The report indicates that India will hire most in the automotive, engineering, and internet sectors. According to the demand forecast for 2023, 36.08 percent of companies in India intend to hire.

In terms of the skills market, the study indicates that the BFSI, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and IT/ITES industries drive the demand for skilled labor. According to projections, the number of freshmen hired in these fields will increase by 20 percent in 2023 as compared to 2022.

According to the report, India needs to implement more policy changes to increase women’s participation in the workforce, both in the private sector and in government. In India, female participation in labour is currently 33 percent, compared with 67 percent for males. Moreover, the employability of female talent is approximately 5.6% greater than that of male talent.

Rajasthan had the highest percentage (53.56%) of females who were prepared for employment, while Uttar Pradesh came in second with 46.51%).

As a general rule, the survey indicates that candidates from Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Delhi are most likely to be employed.

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