CM Pema Khandu declares that there has been no Chinese intrusion into Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal the Chief Minister of Pradesh Pema Khandu has on Thursday denied allegations that were made on social media of Chinese incursions into the state, stating that any that any activity is limited to the Chinese side of the border.

“I found out via social media a couple days ago that Chinese are invading and doing construction in Indian territory. I took the issue serious and immediately requested the concerned deputy commissioner to investigate the matter and submit an investigation report,” the Chief Minister said to the news agency the ANI.

The CM claimed that he talked about the issue with his counterparts in the Indian Army and spoke with local officials, too. He said that the information they received indicated that no one had entered the Indian territory and that whatever the activity is taking place takes place across the border within the Tibet-China region.

According to the CM, all of this information is false.

This week, Rahul Gandhi claimed his prime minister Narendra Modi gave 1,000 square km of India’s territory China without any fight in 2020. The tweet was posted by the former Congress President was asked about what it is possible that the Government of India will retrieve the land.

Khandu replied to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet about China by saying that Rahul Gandhi wasn’t familiar with the northeast, much less Arunachal Pradesh.

The border dispute between China and India covers the length of 3,488 km LAC and Beijing frequently protests the visits of high-ranking Indian officials and leaders to Arunachal Pradesh to reiterate its claims.

In the year 2020, China announced its own standardized names for 15 locations in Arunachal Pradesh and claimed as “South Tibet”. Delhi was adamant and with a furious rage and claimed that the state is a part of India and that “assigning the names of places with invented names… doesn’t change the fact that it is”.

In the annual report that was released on November 20, 2021, US Department of Defense declared the following “sometimes by the year 2020”, China built a “large 100-home village for civilians in the disputed territory” in Arunachal Pradesh and the Tibet Autonomous Region and Arunachal Pradesh.

However, the Director of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat stated that “these villages are within the Chinese portion that is within the LAC” in addition to “they have not violated any place in our view of the Line of Actual Control”.

In his speech to the ANI this morning, Arunachal CM also praised Prime Minister Modi for his connectivity and development in the border has improved during his time in office.


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