Collegium system needs to be reevaluated: Kiren Rijiju

Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday hinted that there’s a need to reevaluate the collegium system to expedite the procedure of movables to the advanced bar as there are enterprises over the being process.

He stated movables to the advanced  judiciary are ” pending” but “not because of the Law Minister but because of the system”.

He stated, “There’s a need to suppose about the collegium system so that movables to the advanced bar can be expedited”.

Latterly when journalists asked him about his reflections, he stated, The system that’s in place is creating trouble and everyone knows it. What and how to do this will be bandied further. I put my views in front of everyone where there were judges, law officers and companies.

Supreme Court Justice Ajay Rastogi, Acting Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court MM Srivastava, Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court Arvind Kumar and Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta similarly expressed their views in the initial session of the factory.

” If similar issues are expressed in similar conferences also the people present get to know what’s on the mind of the law minister and what the government is allowing. I’ve expressed my views and I’ve expressed my views on them. I’ve expressed my views and I’ve expressed my views on them,” Rijiju stated.  He stated that he raised the issue in Udaipur as there are numerous movables to be made in the Rajasthan High Court and they’re pending.

“The movables are pending not because of the Law Minister but because of the system and that is why I’ve put( my views) before you,” he stated.

Supreme Court judges have in recent days raised the issue of” detention” in the government in clearing names suggested by the collegium for movables to the advanced bar.

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