Congress suspends three Jharkhand MLAs detained with ‘large amount of cash’ in Bengal

The Congress on Sunday suspended three of its MLAs in Jharkhand – Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachhap and Naman Bixal – who were allegedly detained after a huge amount of cash was found in their vehicle in West Bengal on Saturday. The party linked the cash recovery to attempts to destabilize the JMM-Congress government in Jharkhand and claimed that the chief minister of a state was directly in touch with some MLAs.

Announcing the suspension of the three MLAs, AICC member in charge of Jharkhand Avinash Pandey said, “Most of the MLAs are with the party, but those who are trying to weaken the legislature party… the party leadership has all the information.” The party will take action at the appropriate time.

The Congress, which is a constituent of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-led coalition in the state, also claimed that the government was stable. “There is no threat to the government. The government is safe and stable. Leave a few black sheep, the government is safe,” Pandey said.

Pandey said efforts were on for the last two years to destabilize and weaken the government to oust the government from power. “There were constant attempts to approach, intimidate or lure the MLAs. A few months back, an FIR was registered against some BJP leaders for contacting some MLAs,” he said.

“Efforts are being made to contact the MLAs… and I want to tell you people in high positions… The Chief Minister of a state is directly approaching the MLAs, the Union ministers are trying to intimidate and intimidate them… Ministers and officers who are in charge of the law department… are trying to intimidate the MLAs… naming the Enforcement Directorate,” alleged Pandey.

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