Demography is changing in the border areas, keep a watch on the police chief Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said that the demographics in the border areas of the country are changing and the police chiefs of the border states should keep an eye on the development. He also said that the security forces have achieved great success in eliminating terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

“All states should give top priority to issues related to national security, this is a fight for the future of the country and youth, for which we have to fight together in one direction and win at any cost… DGP of border states in border areas The demographic changes taking place must be monitored,” Shah said while addressing the concluding session of the two-day National Security Strategy (NSS) conference.

Among the various topics discussed during the conference were “demographic changes and growing radicalization in the border areas”.

The conference was attended by Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, DGPs of all States and Union Territories, Deputy NSAs and Chiefs of all Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs).

“It is the responsibility of the DGPs of the states to take all the technical and strategic information in their states, especially in the border districts, to the lower level in the police,” Shah said.

The statements come at a time when the issue of entry of Rohingya Muslims into the country from Myanmar has taken a political colour, while the issue of illegal immigration from Bangladesh has been a part of discussions in the armed forces-level bilateral talks between the two countries.

Recently, during the bilateral talks between Border Guards Bangladesh and Border Security Force, when the Indian side raised this issue, Bangladesh said that there is no need for its citizens to infiltrate into India as it is doing well economically.

On the security situation, Shah said, “In the field of internal security, we have achieved great success in eliminating the three ulcers of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, various extremist groups and Left Wing Extremism in the Northeast.” For this we enacted many new laws, increased coordination with states, increased budget allocation and made maximum use of technology.

According to the Home Ministry, Shah told police officers that the basic tenet of a modern intelligence agency should not be a “need to know”, but a “need to share” and a “duty to share” as long as the approach does not change. Can’t get success, be successful. Shah also asked the officials to use the newly launched 5G technology to strengthen the security systems.

On the issue of drug smuggling, the minister said that it is not enough to nab just one consignment and the police should crack down on the drug network and get to the bottom of its source and destination.

“We should do a detailed analysis of the best-tested cases of every state. Regular district level meetings of NCORD should be ensured and they should be put to best use,” he said.

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