Despite Hooda’s denial of his ticket, a Congress rebel is an INLD member from Adampur

The Indian National Lok Dal fielded Kurdaram Nambardar on Thursday for the Adampur bypoll. He is a Haryana Congress veteran and joined the INLD after not being able to get a ticket from the party with which he had worked for nearly four centuries.

Jai Prakash is a veteran politician who has also been a party hopper. He will be the Congress’ nominee in the election, where Bhavya Bishnoi (the grandson of Kuldeep Bishnoi) is the BJP candidate. AAP has chosen Satender Singh to be its nominee. Satender and Bhavya have already filed their nominations. The Congress and INLD nominees will file papers on Friday.

Kurdaram accused Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Congress legislature party leader and former chief minister of the party, of making “arbitrary decisions.” Kurdaram said Wednesday that he quit Congress because he felt “very heavy” about the party’s decision-making.

Kurdaram claimed that he met Bhupinder Hooda as well as Deepender Hooda. He told them they shouldn’t field an “outsider” like Jai Prakash, even though they didn’t want him to contest the bypoll.

Abhay Chautala, the party leader, announced Kurdaram as the INLD candidate for Hisar. He said that Congress deliberately selected a weak candidate to ensure Bhavya Bishnoi, the BJP’s Bhavya Bishnoi wins from Adampur. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Congress’s Bhupinder Singh Hooda, is playing the role as a BJP agent. This is why Congress deliberately chose a weak candidate.

Kurdaram stated that he had served nearly forty years in Congress and that he would be the best candidate for the party in Adampur. However, did not consider Kurdaram. “No democracy has been left in Congress. Kurdaram stated that both Deepender Hooda and Bhupinder Hooda take arbitrary decisions.

Kurdaram led the agitation for canal water for Rajasthani fields while in Congress. In the hope of the party fielding him, he had also set up a Congress office at Adampur. Kurdaram took all the party posters out of the office after Jai Prakash was elected the Congress nominee.

Chautala stated that all of Adampur wanted Congress to nominate a candidate but Bhupinderhooda had brought in an outsider to try to force him onto the people. He stated that Bhupinder Singh Hooda is working hard to strengthen BJP in Haryana.

“I had deputed five INLD senior leaders to visit villages in Adampur and receive feedback about who should be the INLD Candidate. Three names were submitted, but it was strongly suggested that someone from the Chautala clan (our family) be elected party candidate. Rajesh Godara, a committed party worker, was the second suggestion. People informed us simultaneously that the Congress would definitely backstab Chaudhary Kurdaram, and that if we could proclaim him as the INLD candidate, all party workers will whole-heartedly support his candidacy,” Chautala stated while announcing Kurdar I as the the nominee.

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