Dibrugarh doctor allegedly beaten up by two guys over a Facebook comment, Said family

Two males entered the home of a young doctor in Assam’s Dibrugarh district on Monday evening, police said in response to a complaint by the doctor, who is now an intern at a government hospital in Majuli district.

Shwetank Mishra, superintendent of police (SP) in Dibrugarh, stated that the attack on Dr Gitartha Saikia (23) was motivated by a personal dispute, and that they have identified one of the suspects. “The junior physician was assaulted over a personal matter, and the suspects have absconded. “Family members have identified one of the attackers, and according to them, there were two of them,” Mishra stated.

Gitartha’s father, Kiran Saikia, reported that two men inquired for his son at his home.

“As one of them spoke with Gitartha, the other began striking him from behind. “He lost consciousness quickly, and they continued to attack him afterward,” Kiran told reporters.

“I attempted to save my son, but they also shoved me back. I called the police and begged the neighbours for assistance when the criminals departed in a car,” he stated.

Kiran named Rajdeep Gohain and Devraj Borgohain as two attackers. The victim’s family said that the incident was related to Girartha’s response to a woman’s Facebook comment on a song he had uploaded.

After the attack, Gitartha was reportedly brought to a local hospital for treatment. On Tuesday, local citizens mounted a demonstration demanding the swift arrest of the perpetrators.

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