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Did the big bang happen? Is the theory true or false?

Is the big bang theory real or not? Big Bang theory is one of the most popular theories about the origin of the universe.

‘How did everything come to existence?’ is one of the most asked questions by everyone and many theories were proposed to answer this question. But the big bang theory is the most acknowledged in today’s time about the origin of the universe.

Nearly 13.7 billion years ago, the big bang occurred, and the explosion triggered the formation of our universe. Millions of years after the occurrence of the big bang, the earth was formed. In 1927, astronomer Georges Lemaitre proposed the big bang theory. But still, we haven’t found answers to many questions. How did Earth form millions of years ago? What exactly happened during the time of the big bang? What exactly were the conditions during the starting period of the big bang?

According to the big bang theory, just a single point started the whole universe, which is known as Singularity. Afterward, the universe started to expand and stretch to get as big as it is today. The universe is still expanding and it’s getting bigger and bigger by the date.

However, many people say that the big bang theory is not true. Sadly, these theories are all left to us as we can not go back in time to see how the universe was formed. Since these theories can not be proven, and there is still much debate about the big bang theory, this has led us to many questions about its validity.

If the universe did not burst into existence, then how exactly was it formed? Was it born from a singularity, or was it created ex nihilo? Did it come into being with the Big Bang, or was it created later by God? These are just a few of the many questions that scientists are still trying to answer.

These questions do not bother the scientific community. The most commonly-cited reason is that we have already seen some evidence that is in sync with the Big Bang theory. As we progressively explore the far extreme corners of the universe, we have witnessed more such evidence. Recently, the oldest galaxy ( GLASS-z13) has been observed by the NASA James Webb Telescope. The galaxy came into existence just 300 million years after the occurrence of the Big Bang, which points toward the redshift, which is another piece of evidence that supports the Big Bang theory.

The redshift is the phenomenon by which the light from an object is shifted to lower frequencies (longer wavelengths) when it is observed to be moving away from the observer.

So did the James Webb Area Telescope identify proof of the big bang theory? Are astrophysicists certain about the occurrence of the big bang? So why do they assume that the universe was born from a quantum fluctuation? And then what does this have to do with the darkish matter?

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