Digitization of crisis-proof justice delivery: Justice Chandrachud

Emphasizing on efforts to make courts paperless, Supreme Court Justice DY Chandrachud on Saturday said digitization of courts will help save our justice system from crisis and also ensure that it is open.

Speaking at the inauguration of the’ Paperless District Courts’ project in Odisha, Justice Chandrachud said,”Familiarizing oneself with technology isn’t as difficult as it might initially seem” and pointed out that post the Covid- 19 epidemic, his chamber” nearly Works impeccably “without paper and I’m a personality- admitted technology geek presently”.

Stating that he encourages the legal fraternity to partake in training programs that are being conducted across the country to instruct advocates on the use of technology, the SC judge observed that” one similar training The program is being organized for the advocates to show up before the’ Green Bench'”, which he’s presiding over.

“Today, a ‘green bench’ does not mean a bench hearing environmental cases, but a bench intended to conduct proceedings with zero physical filing, as is expected in paperless courts”, He added.

Last week, Justice Chandrachud, presiding over a five- judge Constitution bench that had taken up the disagreement between the Center and the Delhi government over the control of executive services in the public capital, said it decided to do down with the physical documents.

Justice Chandrachud observed that “ it is imperative to fete the actuality of the digital peak and take way to bridge this gap. We must insure and insure that the digitization of the court process doesn’t harm the common citizens in any way.

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