‘Disdain for…’: BJP condemns Pawan Khera for ‘Gautam Das’ jibe at Prime Minister Modi

Monday, the Bharatiya Janata Party attacked Congress MP Pawan Khera for referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Narendra “Gautam Das” Modi. The video is from a presser he addressed last Friday.

In a videotape that went viral, Khera stated, “Why are you attempting to avoid a parliamentary debate? Why do you have a fear of JPC? Even Prime Ministers PV Narasimha Rao and Atal Bihari Vajpayee established the Joint Parliamentary Committee. What issue does Narendra “Gautam Das,” “Damodaradas,” have with the JPC? Damodardas is correct. His name is Damodardas, but his actions are those of “Gautam Das.” “.

“The Congress has frequently attacked Prime Minister Modi for his modest origins, and now they have not even spared his deceased father, who had nothing to do with politics… Amit Malviya, the head of the BJP’s IT department, stated that the Congress’s deep-seated sense of entitlement and contempt for a self-made guy does not fit well with an ambitious India.

Khera, who is the head of the media and publicity branch of the Congress, later tweeted, “I honestly got confused between Damodardas and Gautam Das…”

The Congress has demanded the formation of a bipartisan parliamentary committee to investigate Hindenburg’s charges of fraud against Adani Group. During his statement in Lok Sabha, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi claimed that Gautam Adani rose from being the 609th richest person in the world to the second richest person.

“Then the true magic will begin, when the Prime Minister visits Delhi, and the real magic will begin in 2014,” In 2014, he was ranked 609th on the list of the wealthiest persons, but he has since risen to second place,” Gandhi had stated in the Lok Sabha.

Gandhi continued his assaults by claiming the Adani Group obtained contracts in the airport and defence industries despite lacking experience.

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