During Argentina’s World Cup victory celebrations, Sergio Aguero carries Lionel Messi on his shoulders

There are certain images that leave a lasting impression on the history of the sport. Sergio Aguero carrying Lionel Messi on his shoulders during Argentina’s World Cup celebration was one of the most iconic photos from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Argentine fans chanted the name of Aguero’s former teammate Lionel Messi after the award ceremony.

In addition to playing in three World Cups for Argentina, Aguero retired from international football last December following a diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias. On Sunday, he was on the field wearing an Argentine kit celebrating the victory over France by a score of 3-3 (4-2).

Argentine striker Sergio Aguero played in three World Cups before retiring last December due to cardiac arrhythmias. He was on the field Sunday in an Argentine kit celebrating with the team after they beat France 3-3 (4-2) in penalty kicks.

In the past month, Aguero has quietly been involved in the team, even participating in a few training sessions and awarding Messi the MOTM trophy following the team’s victory over Croatia in the semifinals.

Before the final, Aguero had joined the Argentina camp, and he was also reported to have reunited with Messi last night. It was a rare exception for Messi to stay with his long-time roommate at Argentina’s base camp, as he had been staying alone up to this point.

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