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Educated girls should avoid ‘such relationships’, says union minister, blaming live-in relationships for rising crime

Union Minister Kaushal Kishore. (Deccan Era File Photo)

On Thursday, Kaushal Kishore said live-in relationships lead to crime, and educated girls shouldn’t get into them. He made this comment amid the gruesome Mehrauli killing, which prompted Shiv Sena leader Priyanka Chaturvedi to ask for his resignation.

Chaturvedi called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sack the minister for his “blame the women” remark.

Kishore said educated girls should opt for court marriages instead of live-in relationships that lead to crime, referring to the Shradha Walkar murder case.

The girls are also responsible since they leave their parents, who have raised them for years, in one go. What’s up with them living together. Live-in relationships should be registered if they have to. If parents are not willing publicly for such relationships, you should have a court ceremony and live together.

They’re happening to all those girls who are well educated and think they’re very frank and can make good decisions about their futures. Girls like these get caught up in it. Girls should think about why they’re doing this. Both parents refused to let the relationship go, so educated girls are responsible. “Educated girls shouldn’t get into such relationships,” he told “News18” about the Walkar murder.

The minister also said, “This live-in relationship is causing crime, and it’s a wrong thing, and people are suffering for it.”

Shiv Sena MP Chaturvedi tweeted, “The PMO should sack this union minister immediately if he believes what he says about women. As women, we’ve had enough of carrying the burden of patriarchal rubbish in society.” Chaturvedi took to Twitter to say, “Surprised he didn’t say girls are responsible for being born into this nation.” The shameless, heartless, and cruel mentality that blames women for everything continues to thrive.” Poonawala, 28, allegedly strangled Walkar and sawed her body into 35 pieces, which he kept at his residence in Mehrauli, South Delhi, for almost three weeks until dumping them everywhere around the city.

Poonawala is suspected of killing 27-year-old Walkar after a fight between them on May 18 about financial issues.

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