Ekta Kapoor: You are polluting the minds of the young generation in this country

A Supreme Court decision on Friday criticized producer Ekta Kapoor’s web series XXX for having “objectionable content,” saying she was polluting the minds of the young.

According to the top court, Kapoor challenged the arrest warrants issued against her for allegedly insulting soldiers and hurting their sentiments through the web series she aired on her OTT platform ALTBalaji.

“Something must be done. Your actions pollute the minds of the young generation in this country. Everyone has access to it. There is no restriction on who can access OTT (Over The Top) content. What type of choice are you providing to the people? ….on the contrary… ? You are polluting the minds of young people, according to a bench consisting of Justices Ajay Rastogi and C T Ravikumar.

The court observed after senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi argued on behalf of Kapoor that a petition had been filed with the Patna high court, but there is no hope the matter will be heard in the near future.

The top court decided an earlier case in which Kapoor was granted protection.

According to Rohatgi, there is freedom of choice in this country, and the content is subscription-based.

A court that did not impose costs asked what kind of choice was available to the public.

We do not appreciate that you travel to this court every time. We will charge you a fee for filing such a petition.

Please inform your client of this, Mr. Rohatgi. It is not for those with voices to appear in court just because they can afford and hire the services of good lawyers.

This court represents the interests of people who do not have a voice. If people who have all types of facilities are unable to get justice, then consider the situation of the common man. After reviewing the order, the bench expressed its reservations.

In its ruling, the top court left the case pending and suggested that a local lawyer should be contacted in order to find out the status of the hearing in the high court. According to Kumar, series ‘XXX’ (Season-2) portrayed several objectionable scenes related to the wife of a soldier.

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