Elon Musk Launches New ‘Burnt Hair’ Perfume With ‘Repageant Desire’ Fragrance

Elon Musk is promoting a new perfume, as the track record for the world’s richest man continues, apparently starting as a joke in in-demand products.

Musk announced the fragrance — called “Burnt Hair” and described it as “the essence of adversity” — in a tweet on Tuesday before changing his Twitter biography to “perfume salesman.” A separate product page posted by Musk’s tunnelling company, The Boring Company, listed the fragrance at $100 a pop, and Musk later tweeted that 10,000 bottles had been sold.

The billionaire said in an earlier post in September that The Boring Company would launch a fragrance for men that would help them “stand out in the crowd.” He wrote Tuesday that getting into the fragrance business was inevitable given his nickname, jokingly tweeting: “Why did I fight this for so long.”

The CEO of Tesla Inc. has a history of launching products based on jokes that his huge fanbase has sought as collectibles.

A limited line of 20,000 flamethrowers sold by The Boring Company in 2018 attracted enormous interest to raise $10 million for its tunnel-building trials. He has also used items to mock investors betting against the electric automaker, including Tesla tequila based on April’s Fool’s Day and satin short shorts (priced at $69.420) to mark a victory over short sellers. ) contains a pair.

Musk has said The Boring Company plans to build a so-called functional Hyperloop in the coming years – a tunnel-based, high-speed transportation system – though significant hurdles, including securing permits for projects and passing environmental studies, remain.

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