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Farooq Abdullah questions the government’s claims about putting an end to terrorism in J&K.

Days after five troops were killed in Poonch, National Conference president and former chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah questioned the government’s assertions that terrorism had been eradicated in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday.

“They (the Central government) said that Article 370 was the root cause of terror and that it would end after its repeal, but the terror never ended,” he remarked at a May Day ceremony at the party headquarters in Sher-e-Kashmir Bahwan.

He chastised the administration for the deaths of five troops in a terror attack on an Army truck, questioning whether they did not have families. “They’re being sent in non-bulletproof vehicles, and what will happen but death?” he lamented.

He also questioned the central government’s decision not to hold the G20 conference in Jammu, as well as the silence of local BJP officials on the issue.

He also criticised the government’s efforts to settle non-locals in Jammu, calling them an attempt to erase Dogra identity and culture.

“They (non-locals) will get everything, including jobs, and you will have nothing,” he claimed, adding that no BJP leader has said it.

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