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Find out which Spotify songs, artists, playlists, and more are on your top list for 2022 with Spotify Wrapped 2022

Introducing Spotify Wrapped 2022, which features all the features users love about music recaps from the previous year and some new ones. As well as discovering their top songs, artists and how many minutes of music they have listened to this year, Spotify Wrapped also assigns users one of many ‘music personalities’ based on their taste in music.

The process of obtaining your Spotify Wrapped 2022 cards is also relatively straightforward. If you have an Android smartphone, here’s how you can do it, although it shouldn’t be very different for an iPhone user.

Step 1: Update your Spotify application

The latest version of Spotify is required to access Spotify Wrapped 2022. To accomplish this, you need to ensure that your app is up-to-date. To determine whether you are using the latest version of Spotify, visit the Google Play Store and click on the Spotify app icon.

Likely, you have already updated to the most recent version of Spotify if the Play Store page displays an ‘Open’ button. (Deccan Photo)

The latest version can be identified by an ‘Open’ button instead of an ‘Update’ button.

Step 2: Open Spotify and ensure that you are logged in

It is necessary for Spotify to identify you in order to retrieve accurate information regarding what you have been listening to throughout the year. For access to your account, please use your Google ID, Apple ID, or any other platform ID supported by the platform. Doing this will sync all the devices you have been using Spotify on.

Step 3: Here’s your Spotify Wrapped 2022

When you’re logged in, open Spotify, and you’ll see your Wrapped 2022 musical recap. Click ‘Jump In’ when you see the prompt. If you don’t want to see the prompt, you can check out Spotify Wrapped later.

Click ‘Jump In’ to see your top artists and songs. As you can see on the right, you can also find the listing on your Spotify main page. (Deccan Photo)

You’ll still find a shortcut to it on the main Spotify page if you accidentally or deliberately dismiss this prompt. The Spotify Wrapped has multiple cards that you can share on Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms once you’ve gone through all the slides.

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