Fire, bullets, political prisoners, twin voters in Tehran jail

A fire stony-broke out Sabbatum at Tehran’s Avin jail, wherever several of Iran’s political and twin national prisoners area unit control, and witnesses according to hearing gunshots.

State agency IRNA eight folks above were hurt by the unrest that erupted when nearly a month of protests across Iran over the tutelary death of 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian girl Mahsa Amini.

The protests have bestowed one of the foremost severe challenges to the Islamic republic since the 1979 revolution, with demonstrations spreading across the country and a few raising slogans against advocating the death of Supreme Leader religious leader Ali Khamenei.

The Iranian judiciary aforesaid a jail workshop was attacked fireplace “after a fight between many prisoners condemned of monetary crimes and theft”. Tehran’s department of local government told state media that the reason behind the incident was being investigated.

The prison, situated within the foothills of the northern fringe of the Iranian capital, conjointly homes criminal and political prisoners.

“The roads resulting in Evin jail are closed to traffic. There are unit loads of ambulances here,” aforesaid a witness contacted by Reuters. “Still, we can hear gunshots.”

Another viewer aforesaid the inmates’ families had gathered before the jail entrance. “I will see fireplace and smoke—loads of special forces,” the witness above.

A security official peace above has been renovated in jail. However, initial witnesses associated with the above auto siren might be detected that smoke was still rising over the prison.

“People from close buildings area unit shouting ‘maut ki maut’ from their windows,” the witness aforesaid.

In the early hours of Sunday, IRNA competed for a video that showed the jail areas broken by the fireplace. Firefighters doused the scrap with water to stop the fireplace from re-igniting.

Most detainees in jail homes face security charges, together with Iranians of twin positions. It’s long been criticized by Western rights teams and was blocked by the United States in 2018 for “serious human rights abuses”.

Siamak Namazi, associate Iranian yank jailed for nearly seven years on espionage-related charges pink-slipped by Washington as unsupported, came back to Evin on Wednesday, his attorney aforesaid.

According to human rights attorney Saeed Dehghan, different U.S.A. voters’ control in Evin embrace reformer Morad Tahbaz; the United Nations agency conjointly has a British position and bourgeois Imad Shargi.

He aforesaid many different twin voters area control in Avin, with French-Iranian educational Fariba Adelkha and Iranian-Swedish Ahmadreza Jalali, a disaster drugs doctor.

Asked regarding the jail fireplace, U.S.A. President Joe Biden told reporters throughout a campaign trip to Portland, Oregon: “The Iranian government is incredibly repressing.”

Human Rights Watch has defendant officers in jail for torture and threatening indefinite imprisonment, further as lengthy interrogations and denial of treatment to detainees.


The unrest at Avin jail comes when nearly a month of protests across Iran as Amini, a 22-year-old girl from the country’s Kurdish region, died on September sixteen for “inappropriate dress”.

Although the unrest doesn’t seem to fall the system, the protests have swollen into strikes that have closed outlets and businesses, touched the vital energy sector and galvanized brazen acts of discontent against Iran’s non-secular regime.

On Sabbatum, protesters across Iran raised slogans against the country’s clerical leaders within the streets and universities.

A video announced by the Norway-based organization Iran Human Rights shows protests within the northeastern town of a metropolis, Iran’s second most inhabited town, with demonstrators supposedly “lost clerics” and drivers honking their horns.

Iranian activist agency HRANA aforesaid in an internet posting that 240 protesters and thirty-two minors were killed in the unrest. Twenty-six members of security forces were killed, and eight 000 folks were inactive in protests in 111 cities and cities and a few seventy-three universities.

The casualties enclosed teenage ladies, whose deaths became a rallying call for additional demonstrations demanding the autumn of the Islamic republic.

Protesters demanded demonstrations on Sabbatum within the northwestern town of Ardabil over the death of Asra Panahi, a youngster from the Azeri ethnos United Nations agency activists alleged was crushed to death by security forces.

Officials denied the report, and news agencies about the Revolutionary Guards quoted her uncle’s speech communication the high school student had died of a heart drawback.

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