Gehlot met Sonia after intimating that she’d enter the fray for the post of Congress President

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot met Congress President Sonia Gandhi here on Wednesday after she indicated that he may enter the AICC presidential election fray.

Sources said the election of the Congress president’s post was on the agenda during the discussions between Gehlot and Sonia Gandhi.

The Rajasthan Chief Minister met Sonia Gandhi at her 10, Janpath quarters and is hoped to travel to Mumbai latterly in the day. He’d hoped to reach Kochi on Thursday and make his final trial to persuade Rahul Gandhi to hold over the reins of the party.

Talking to reporters after reaching here from Jaipur, Gehlot gave a clear indication that he can contest the Presidential election of Congress.

However, he similarly told that he’d make his final elbow grease to persuade Rahul Gandhi to grasp over as the party president.

Gehlot told that he’ll take similar opinions which have strengthened Congress.

The party and the high commandment have given me everything. I’ve been in the positions 40- 50 times. No post is important to me, whatever liability has been given to me, I’ll satisfy it.

Gehlot on Tuesday told Congress MLAs in Rajasthan that they would be queried to come to New Delhi if they resolve to file their nominations for the party’s presidential election.

The meeting between Gehlot and Sonia Gandhi comes just a day before the Central Election Authority of the Congress issues a notification for the Presidential election of the All India Congress Committee (AICC).

After more than two decades, the Congress is likely to see a contest for its chief’s post, with Shashi Tharoor, set to take the field after a meeting with Sonia Gandhi and Gehlot, hinting that he is putting his cap on Will throw you in the ring if Rahul Gandhi does not agree to take over the reins of the party.

The procedure of filing nominations for the elections will run on from September 24 to September 30.

The date of scrutiny of nomination documents will be October 1 while the final date for the pullout of nominations will be October 8.

Still, the election will be held on October 17, while the counting of votes, If there’s further than one seeker.

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