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“Go back to training, remove it, and figure out what went wrong,” was Brett Lee’s advice to Arshdeep following his no-ball record against Sri Lanka.

Brett Lee, a former Australian fast bowler, stated that Arshdeep Singh utterly blew the T20 match against Sri Lanka. This month, Lee analysed Arshdeep’s five no-balls against Sri Lanka in the second Twenty20 International in Pune.

Brett Lee stated on his YouTube channel, “I recently saw India’s Arshdeep Singh completely lose it in a Twenty20 match against Sri Lanka. He bowled nothing after nothing after nothing. There are no balls in this game. It would be a bitter pill for him to take. He bowled only two overs and conceded 37 runs. He was returning to the lineup after recovering from an injury. In his second over, he overstepped three times in a row. I’m sure that’s not a feat a bowler wants to have associated with his name.

“I believe that when a bowler returns from an injury, he might occasionally lose his rhythm by trying too hard and running in too quickly. They lose form and momentum when they overstep the mark while striding. “It’s difficult because you want to achieve your goal of taking wickets while keeping the captain satisfied,” he continued.


Brett Lee advised the young left-arm seamer, “One thing I do know about Arshdeep is that although he has been through a difficult time, he has the ability to back it up. If I were him, I would advise him to return to training, delete the message, determine what he did wrong and learn from his error, and the next time he is under pressure, he should return to training and be completely confident in himself.

Brett Lee, speaking about the mentality of bowlers, stated, “No ball is a bowler’s worst adversary. Nothing causes a bowler more mental anguish and humiliation than a no-ball because not only do you have to bowl an additional delivery, but the following ball, you give the batsman free reign to do anything he or she wants. It’s a knife through the heart of the bowler. “Rhythm is a peculiar entity.”

“A bowler may do miracles when in rhythm, but losing that rhythm makes you look forlorn and hopeless. A no-ball can cause so much psychological harm to a bowler that self-doubt and fear can set in,” Lee says.


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