Government resumes sugar exports and allows 6 million tons on a quota basis until May 31

In a notification issued on Saturday, the government authorized the export of 6 million tonnes of sugar on a quota basis until May 31.

The ministry has allocated a uniform export quota of 18.23% of the sweetener’s three-year average production during the operational sugar season.

The report stated that a sugar mill might export itself through an exporter or swap with a mill with a domestic sale quota.

October through September is the sugar season.

To prevent the uncontrolled export of sugar or to ensure a sufficient supply of sugar for domestic consumption at a reasonable price, the government has decided to allow the export of sugar up to a reasonable limit with effect from November 1, 2023, until May 31, 2023.

According to official sources, the first tranche of the quota has only been permitted until the end of May. The export quotas will be allocated based on domestic sugar production.

During the new season of 2022-23, sugar production began in Maharashtra and Karnataka in October, while in Uttar Pradesh and the rest of the cane-growing states in a week.

According to the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd, mills produced 4.05 lakh tonnes of sugar in October, a decrease of 14.73 percent from the previous year.

In order to ensure sufficient stocks for domestic consumption and to prevent any increase in retail prices during the holiday season, the government restricted sugar exports during the 2021-22 season (October-September).

According to official statistics, about 11 million tonnes of sugar were exported during the entire season 2021-22.

The sugar production for the season 2021-22 reached a record 35.92 million tonnes. Among the three states that produce the most sugar in the country, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka are the top three producers.

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