How many times can Aadhaar data be updated?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identifying number issued to all Indian citizens by the Unique Identification Authority of India.

It is also required to link Aadhaar to Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) with all current information. But how often can we update Aadhar information? There are restrictions imposed owing to security concerns. According to Unique Identification Authority of India restrictions, the user may only make two updates.

How many times Aadhaar details can be updated ?

  • Name: The user’s name can be altered twice on the Aadhaar card.
  • Date of birth: The date of birth in Aadhaar is immutable. This is only feasible if an error occurred during data entry.
  • Address and gender changes: Both the address and gender fields can only be changed once.
  • Visit a UIDAI regional office in order to make changes to Aadhaar’s name, gender, or date of birth that exceed a specific limit.

How to make alterations to Aadhaar in extraordinary circumstances

-The user must visit an Aadhaar enrollment centre in order to update their name, date of birth, or gender.

-If the allowed number of times for changing Aadhaar details is exceeded, a request must be filed to the enrolment centre via email, mail, or the UIDAI regional office.

-The user requesting a modification must give a justification along with a copy of the URN slip, Aadhaar information, and supporting documentation.

-Please email [email protected].

-Unless specifically requested, a person is not needed to attend the UIDAI office.

-The regional office will launch an investigation to gather more about the person who sought Aadhaar alterations.

– Upon completion of the verification by the regional office, a request for processing and reprocessing will be sent.

Documents required to update Aadhaar data

– Passport

-Bank statement

-Account statement/passbook from the post office

-Ration card

-Driving License

-Voter ID

-Government photo ID

-Service photo identification card issued by PSU

-Electricity Bill within 3 months Water bill due within three months

-The Telephone Landline Bill is the same as it was three months ago.

-Property tax receipts must be no older than 12 months.

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