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How to Avoid Sex Thoughts

Sexual thoughts and fantasies are normal, but sometimes they can become intrusive and unwanted. If you’re struggling to control sexual thoughts, there are healthy ways to help avoid them.

Identify Triggers

Think about when unwanted sex thoughts occur. Are there certain triggers like stress, boredom, or media influences? Knowing triggers can help you anticipate and manage thoughts.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation helps you focus on the present moment. Gently acknowledge sexual thoughts, then bring your attention back to your breath. This can reduce rumination.

Limit Media Exposure

Reduce consumption of provocative movies, music, and media that may stimulate sexual thoughts. Avoid material that could trigger unhealthy fantasizing.

Stay Busy and Active

Idle time can lead the mind astray. Staying occupied with work, hobbies, exercise or socializing leaves less mental space for excessive fantasies.

Communicate with Your Partner

If in a relationship, communicate your thoughts and needs to your partner. Finding healthy ways to fulfill desires together can help manage them solo.

Seek Professional Help

For chronic or distressing intrusive sexual thoughts, consult a mental health professional. Therapies like CBT can help manage underlying compulsions.

Learning to control your thoughts takes practice. With time, you can reduce unwanted sexual thinking through mindfulness, lifestyle changes and open communication.

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