I am happy you broke my record, Pele replies to Kylian Mbappe’s message at FIFA World Cup 2022

Pele thanked Kylian Mbappe for his good wishes and said he was delighted that the French forward had been able to break another of his records.

Before this, Mbappe had taken to social media to wish Pele a speedy recovery as his health deteriorated.

In a tweet, Mbappe wrote, “Pray for the King @Pele.”.

Thanks, @KMbappe. I am happy to see you breaking another of my records in this Cup, my friend.” Pele replied.

The World Cup is giving Mbappe a new dimension in terms of his performance. As the defending champion France defeated Poland 3-1 on Sunday to reach the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup, he scored twice and set another goal.

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