“If you are busy, tell us who can help”: Siddaramaiah and Jaishankar disagree about the tribes people who are stuck in Sudan.

Tuesday, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Congress leader Siddaramaiah got into a fight over what Siddaramaiah said about 31 tribal people from Karnataka who were stuck in war-torn Sudan.

The argument started when the Congress leader said that the government had not helped the tribe people who were stuck. “Hakki Pikkis in Sudan are stuck without food, and the government hasn’t done anything to bring them back yet,” Siddaramaiah wrote on Twitter. In response, Jaishankar said that the former Chief Minister of Karnataka was making the matter political.

“It is very unwise of you to bring politics into their position. “No political goal is worth putting Indians abroad in danger,” the External Affairs Minister wrote on Twitter.

Siddaramaiah replied, “If you’re too busy being shocked, please tell us who can help us get our people back.”

The former chief minister wrote in his letter that he had written to Jaishankar because of his position.

Siddaramaiah had asked the Indian government to help Indians who were stuck in Sudan in a series of tweets sent earlier on Tuesday.

“It is said that 31 people from the Hakki Pikki group in Karnataka are stuck in Sudan, which is in the middle of a civil war. I’m asking @PMOIndia, @narendramodi, @HMOIndia, @MEAIndia, and @BSBommai to step in immediately and ensure they’re safe.

He said that the Hakki Pikkis in Sudan have been left without food for a few days, and the government hasn’t done anything yet to bring them back. The leader also asked for help from the Centre to start diplomatic talks and contact foreign groups immediately to ensure the Hakki-Pikkis were safe.

“It’s also sad to hear that one Indian and 60 other people have died in the civil war in Sudan, which is still going on. In his message, he said, “I send my deepest condolences to their families and pray for peace in the region.”

Foreign Minister Jaishankar replied to his tweet by saying, “I am horrified by your tweet! People’s lives are at risk; don’t get involved in politics.” He also said that the Indian Embassy in Khartoum has been in touch with most Indian citizens and PIOs in Sudan since April 14, when the war started.

The minister also said that for security reasons, information about Indian citizens and where they are cannot be made public.”It is very unwise of you to bring politics into their position. “No political goal is worth putting Indians abroad in danger,” he said.

Since Saturday, the military and the country’s police force have been fighting hard in Khartoum, Sudan, where at least 31 tribal people from Karnataka are stuck. Monday, the Indian embassy put out a new warning telling Indians not to leave their homes and to stay cool. A bullet hit an Indian person in Khartoum, and he died there.

In Sudan, there has been a disagreement between the Army and the paramilitary about when power should be given to a democratic government. Since fighting began, at least 185 people have died and more than 1,800 have been hurt. As of Tuesday afternoon, both sides decided to stop fighting for 24 hours.

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